Who is Looking for You?

Ever used Google or any other search engine before? I know, it's a silly question for most people in modern society. You can type the name of just about any famous person, your favorite singer or athlete, and you will have access to more information about these people than you ever needed. This is why you should always think about who is looking for you? You can find out how to repair a 20 year-old washing machine, and where to purchase the parts; you can play chess in real time with a guy in Siberia or consult with a dietitian online about ways to eat healthier and stay slim. It is very likely that someone or many people are looking for you online.

Sometimes even I wonder who's looking for me online so it is very valid for you to also think about who's looking for you or searching for you on search engines. You might be surprised what kinds of people might be actually looking for you. The internet is a place where just about any kind of information can be found So it's a good thing, right? Well, like most innovations, it is wonderful when it is used for good, but also it has risks and an element of danger. I suppose it depends on your own attitudes towards privacy. As information technology leaped forward in the past few decades, attitudes about privacy have changed as well. When I visit my relatives in Japan, they often express amazement at the popularity of social sites, such as Myspace or Facebook. They simply can't understand why anyone would post photos of their children or interior of their home on a public or semi-public website like Facebook. In their culture, information deemed "personal" is fiercely guarded.

Because of this very If you are not comfortable with the thought of the world having access to very personal records concerning your health, financial history, criminal and driving records, (just to name a few) then you had better keep reading.

"But Who would Google me and who's looking for me?"

According to online research,
- potential employers
- admissions offices
- Old friends/lovers
- Family members separated for many years

Perhaps an old friend is trying to reach you, or a classmate, fraternity brother, an ex-girl/boyfriend. Or it could just as easily be the hiring director in a company you are applying to work at, loan officers at the bank, or simply nosy co-workers or neighbors. Either way, good, bad, or indifferent, you're still better off knowing!

In the end this is why it is important to know always who is looking for you and searching for you. You might be looking for that person too and might be able to reunite.

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